2016 Newspaper Hankookilbo coverage of  Donghee Lee’s opening  Oct 13th, New York 2009 Broadcast SBS Star King April 4th, Seoul Korea KBS Magazine May, Seoul Korea Josun Ilbo Newspaper February 6th, Seoul Korea 2008 Singles Magazine September, Seoul Korea Broadcast Sanghae, China Magazine PC player April, Seoul Korea Seogang University Magazine 543th, Seoul Korea BroadcastContinue reading “Press”

Hye Ryung Na

Title: My confession (2015)  Video Art by: Hye Ryung Na, New York Description: My work enacts the process of my transformation in response to trauma,especially the duality between my interior trauma and exterior appearance. The work represents my feelings of an event that occurred, the experience it, and how I overcame it. I started painting when I was a very youngContinue reading “Hye Ryung Na”

American Bear and Blond Jenny

Title: American Bear and Blond Jenny (2013)  Video Art by Blond Jenny, New York Description: My work tells the story of the two sides of my life. I’ve been using both photography and painting to convey imagery that consists of true and false, reality and fiction. I express opposite ideals (North and South Korea, Apple and SamsungContinue reading “American Bear and Blond Jenny”