Hye Ryung Na

Title: My confession (2015) 

Video Art by: Hye Ryung Na, New York

Description: My work enacts the process of my transformation in response to trauma,especially the duality between my interior trauma and exterior appearance. The work represents my feelings of an event that occurred, the experience it, and how I overcame it. I started painting when I was a very young child, but realized art is a powerful and transformative healing tool. Initially making this for people who have experienced trauma, they may feel a sense of healing from the work. Because it is hard to find people who will share openly, this would need permission from the witnesses, started to represent my experience first. The work challenges assumptions about beauty though diverse media such as writing, painting, sculpture, installation, performance and video. Specifically, the viewers are asked not to accept beauty at face value, but rather: where it is coming from and what it is concealing?

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