American Bear and Blond Jenny

20130901_161014Title: American Bear and Blond Jenny (2013) 

Video Art by Blond Jenny, New York

Description: My work tells the story of the two sides of my life. I’ve been using both photography and painting to convey imagery that consists of true and false, reality and fiction. I express opposite ideals (North and South Korea, Apple and Samsung , Korea and America, Western United States and Eastern United States). My artwork shows the utopia of different ideas coexisting together for a better good. In my work two different images are connected by one. For example, my imaginary animation character with real humans or a sculpture of bear highlight issues of communication. My work is based on things I love like a bears, family, friends, an d my national identity. Taking the bear as an example, I made a story which about an American bear. I talk about the American bear and Jenny which is my fantasy character. They are strangers that become friends. I like telling a story using a character in short stop motion format as inspired by Charlie Chaplin movies.

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