Past Shows Seoul


Kahlua _ A  Picnic Under the Blossoms_ April 28th to May 10th 2009
Jihyuns _Privations cape_ April 14th to April 28th 2009

Sunjung Park  _ Meet on the Street  _ Mar 17th to April 12th 2009

Eunjoo Kwon_ Real Witty _ Feb 18th to Mar 15th 2009

Yunmi Bae_ Gazing on being _ Jan 13th to Feb 15th 2009

Sanghoon Kang, Minwoo Kim, Sunjung Park, Sunyoung Joo, Yunmi, Myungjin Yang, Yunjung Park, Blond Jenny  _ Final Cross _ Nov 26th to Dec 28th 2008
Sunyung Joo _ Weed Grown Garden
_ Oct 28th to Nov 23rd 2008
Yoonjung Park _ Sew _ Sept 30th to Oct 26th 2008 

Younghee Park _ False Memory _ Aug 26th to Sep 21st 2008 
Blond Jenny _Fantasy Shop _ July 22nd to Aug 24th 2008 
Shinhye Jung _Invisible men live in the SM Town_ May 14th to June 8th 2008 
Yeunmi  _Gray Paper _ Mar 26th to April 27th 2008 
Myungjin Yang_ Ryuajigyung_ Feb 27th to Mar 23rd  2008
Sanghoon Kang _ Oct 11th to Nov 4th  2007
Daehyun Kim_ Cute Guys_  June 11th to July 29th 2007


Blond Jenny _Character Play_ Feb 14th to  March 14th 2007 
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