Please let us know if you have any questions.
Here is some information.
1)Can I bring in a bd cake and some fruits? 
Yes, of course. You can bring whatever you want to share with your kids. 
2) Will you provide plates and cups or I’m bringing in? 
We will provide party plates and cups. 
3) Will you provide art materials? 
Yes, I will provide for art materials. 
It will be canvas, brushes and canvas panels
4) What kind of art activity can you do with the kids? 
We will try portrait on the canvas panel.
5) Should we have the art class first then lunch/cake, or should we eat first? I’d like to set the party time based on that information so please let me know your opinion? 
We should do art class first. During the class you can prepare food for the kids.
Of course, you can give them your drinks ( We will provide water and juice)  
Also birthday kid is free to join. 
 We will try to make a great party for your kids. 
 Thank you ,
Charaple members

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